And so it begins….

I honestly don’t know exactly why I’m going to try and start blogging.  It might be my attempt at some sort of accountability to follow through on things I want to do.  I don’t know about you, but my life just gets crazy sometimes and there are lots of days that when they end I feel like I’ve done little that matters.  Or that I missed the opportunity to live that day fully.  I want to do that more- fully live in the moment. I’m in awe when I see a cute, trendy, fit mom out and about with her kids- looking awesome and exhibiting amazing patience and parenting.  I wish I could be more like that, but most days the only accessory I leave the house with is my coffee.  So in an attempt to have less things I wish I had tried – and maybe absolve some guilt- I’m going to try to do this whole life thing a little better and more intentionally.  And if you’ve happened to stumble across this first post, I hope you’re either intrigued, or at the very least you are encouraged that there is someone out there who is fumbling through life more than you are.  Either way I invite you to watch, or join, a journey of trying to live life……. One cup of coffee at a time.  Because everything is better- and easier- when there is coffee!


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