First Attempt

So in an attempt to live life more purposefully, I’ve decided that I’m going to try and focus on one thing at a time.  I get so overwhelmed thinking about all the things I wish I was doing better that I can’t do any of them better because I feel like such a loser.  One day I was wrestling with this and had the idea that I don’t have to start with everything, I can do ONE thing.  Just focus on one thing that I want to add, or change, that day.  This is my first attempt…..

One of the main things that creates in me that sinking feeling of failure and inadequacy is seeing all the awesome things that moms do with their kids.  I’ve realized recently that my two poor toddlers have been greatly deprived in the area of arts and crafts. I would like to blame it on the fact that I’m not crafty but in reality it has mostly been because I have dreaded cleaning up the mess.  Which if you knew me, would probably make you laugh because I’m not the neatest person around- just ask my husband! But, being aware that house cleaning is an area where I lack some serious motivation, I have been slow to do anything that adds more to that chore.  So for my son’s third birthday I had asked my sister for art supplies, which she happily provided, and we’ve been trying to color a little here and there since.

(There was the one time that I was brave enough to break out the finger paints, which I quickly regretted when I tried to involve my 18 month old daughter who instantly put her finger with the paint in her mouth.  And of course because I was trying to lessen my guilt for not having done this before, she ate the paint not one but THREE times before I finally decided that I’m still not skilled- or emotionally ready- enough to jump into finger painting.  I mean seriously, what was I thinking? On the rare occasion that I’ve broken out the washable markers I spend the few minutes I can handle it with the entire bag of wipes in hand, following my kids around like a crazy clean freak stalker. Which I’m not! I’m just an exhausted mom that hasn’t wanted to have just one more thing to do.)

So while my kids have colored a little more, they’re not inspired enough to be the next Picasso.  So I got on Pinterest to look for some good craft ideas.  I honestly didn’t even read them because that just made me feel worse.  But I did see a picture of water bottles filled with glitter and I remembered my earlier couple of years working at a daycare and how the kids liked to look at something similar.  So I looked in the fridge and found a partially drank water bottle and grabbed a little bag full of random beads that I had stashed away thinking one day I would find a use for. Which, let’s just be honest- now that I’ve found a use for the beads I’m encouraged to continue to save random stuff that really is just glorified trash.  So I gathered my two kids and had them help me drop all the beads into the water bottle (which I didn’t even bother dumping and filling with clean water!).  They both loved it! I used it to practice colors with my daughter and counting with my son.  It also was great fine motor skills practice.  We put the lid on, shook it and watched the beads swirl around.  So I also got to use it as an opportunity to discuss sinking and floating.  They both didn’t want to put it down, and so I think we will be spending some quality time with the water bottle tomorrow.

Overall, I’m excited to report that it was a success.  At least for me just focusing on one thing I wanted to be intentional about today made me less overwhelmed by the thought of doing it.  So I actually got it done and was calm, patient and actually enjoyed the process- instead of worrying about the mess.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings….


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