Rocky Water

I was continuing to read in Exodus this morning, which is a small miracle with the little ones. Honestly, part of the original motivation for this blog was just the accountability, so I’m glad it’s working out that way. Anyways, I was continuing my reading in Exodus and learned something new I wanted to share. My husband, Andy, got me this new study Bible for Christmas.  It has been extremely difficult to switch from my old one that was the Bible I had through my whole serious Christian walk- lots of notes that I have a hard time not having.  But everything has also switched pages! I knew a lot of passages, but I learned that I knew the rough location of some, but mostly knew them by where they were situated on the page.  It has been a bittersweet adjustment, but the study piece of the Bible is new and that I am just loving.  And this morning is a perfect example of something extra I never would have known without the extra resources.

So, like I said, I’m continuing my reading of Exodus no I picked up right after the manna and quail I told you about then.  Well today I was reading about how the Israelites once again grumbled and thought they were going to die because they didn’t have any water. So God tells Moses to take that seriously awesome staff and strike a rock and water flows from it.  So I read the little extra note about this, and it said that it’s likely the rock travelled with them and continued to give them water! Not that getting water from a rock once isn’t cool, but traveling with a rock that continues to give you water adds a whole new layer to the cool.

Even before I read the extra note it just felt like the rock was somehow some kind of nod to Jesus. Jesus being the living water is such a well known correlation that it was hard to read about God miraculously providing water without thinking about how God also provided Jesus.  But once I read the note about the traveling rock, the connection was very clear.  Even back then, before they even knew who Jesus was, it’s like He was there.

Now, I fully believe that God doesn’t show us these cool things just to know some cool facts, but that they mostly- almost always- have some kind of personal application. And so the questions that has challenged me with this is: Am I living my life like a miraculous, never ending water is with me all the time? Am I even aware God is with me all the time?  I don’t know about you, but I find that extremely challenging. Being aware God is with me all the time is even an easier challenge than if I’m living my life like I have access to an ever life giving, and miraculous God all the time.

Today’s one thing to focus on: God is present…. All the time.


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