Leviticus 8-10

Now today’s post is just my own personal ideas and reflections on these passages. In no way am I an Old Testament scholar, and today I’m just sharing my inward thoughts.  All that to say, take it with a grain of salt. 

I had two main thoughts while reading this morning.  The first one was started with the question, “why did God give them these dietary restrictions?” God made all things, so why would He tell them some were unclean? God didn’t make evil things, it’s against everything He is.  An obvious reason is to set the Israelites apart from everyone else.  Which is essentially what holiness is.  But it is weird to me that these restrictions for holiness aren’t moral based.  And then I had a thought- dietary restrictions would require an all the time effort to follow. Maybe the dietary restrictions weren’t as much about what was being restricted as much as the amount of training in obedience and holiness it offered.  These dietary restrictions did not just have to be followed when food was eaten, and when it was prepared but also in everyday interaction with animals. There were restrictions and procedures about insects.  INSECTS! Those little suckers are everywhere!  And being aware that if I touched a fly, I would be unclean would train me to be aware of my holiness every minute. In a larger sense, the Israelites were being trained to be aware that they were only putting things in their bodies that were pleasing to God.

And there it is.  Eventually through my Radom thought process, I came to a place that I could personally relate to the dietary restrictions.  Am I as aware of what I put in my body as they were of theirs? And I’m not talking about food.  Everyday I take in music, movies, media, conversations, attitudes, and even social media. While I’m scanning Facebook, am I intentionally only trying to put the things that please God into my mind?  If I was even half as aware as they were my life would have a lot less junk in it.  So then my question becomes how can I train myself to start being aware of things I don’t pay attention to? Where do I even start?  Out of the list above, it is probably that is the biggest category for me.  With two little toddlers I have little time for social media, but I can easily spend time complaining with other mommies. What is the biggest category in your life?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Leviticus 11-13


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