Numbers 23-25

I would love to say that I couldn’t relate to Balak, but I know that I have had a similar attitude at times. God tells him no – that He wants to bless Israel and not curse then- and Balak keeps trying and hoping that God will do what Balak wants Him to do instead of what God has already spoken.  Sometimes God tells us no and we desperately want Him to say yes.  But instead of just accepting His plan, we still try to force our own. God even addresses this to Balak in 23:19. God doesn’t lie. He isn’t deceptive. He fulfills His promises and keeps His word.  So why do I fight Him when I feel like things don’t go according to my plan? Why do I struggle and think that my plans would be better?  Do I just not trust Him? Or do I line up with some of how the world views things and sometimes I don’t like that He does things different? Probably both, and many other reasons. But hopefully I learn to question Him less and trust more. He is the Creator of the Universe after all. 


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