Something Different

So even though we’re reading Deuteronomy, I wanted to share something not at all related.  I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.  After a crazy afternoon with the kids and them taking FOREVER to go to sleep, I was so excited to lay down and get a full night sleep.  And then in the middle of the night I woke up and was wide awake.  I couldn’t relax and I couldn’t turn my mind off.  I kept thinking of all the things that I could be doing better that might help my family in various ways.  And as the wheels spun, they just kept going faster.  It’s amazing how much stuff I feel the responsibility to control.  And then it dawned on me that maybe God woke me up and had something He wanted to share with me.  So then I tried to turn my mind off of the other worries and focus on Him.  Which was pretty pointless.  And then I remembered some one telling me once that they would go through the alphabet and praise God for each letter.  “God you are the Alpha.”  So I spent time going through that.  It was amazing how much it calmed my mind and helped me focus.  It was such a great time of just being reminded of who God is and praise Him for it.

And then He told me the verse out of Jer 29:11, “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future.”  Now when I think of that verse, I normally focus on the second part.  The prosper, hope and future part.  But that isn’t the part that the Lord really emphasized to me.  When He reminded me of this verse He very clearly spoke, “I know the plans that I have for you.”  I was a combination of both saying that He knows where I’m at now, but that He also knows what He has for me later.  But it wasn’t just about destination.  I wasn’t an, “I know where you’ll end up” but that He knows the path to get there also.  Now, I know God has a plan for me, but sometimes I feel like it’s more of a flippant plan than a real plan.  And so this was a real encouragement last night.

I don’t know if you’re in a place where you need to be reminded that God has a plan for you.  Right now.  A current plan.  He doesn’t just have a plan for the destination, but He has a plan for the journey also.


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