Join me in a challenge?

As you have seen, my blogging had come to a screeching halt. My body has been exhausted, and my eyes had become so focused on the circumstances around me that my emotions got the better of me.  And then tonight my four year old son, Elliott, asked me to read him a Bible story and tell him more about Jesus. So as I flipped to the New Testament section of his little Bible, he stopped me.  “No, here.” He said as he returned to the beginning. I chuckled a little to myself because of course to him every time you read a book, you start at the beginning.  And so I read him the creation story.  I think God prompted Elliott to ask for the story more for my sake than his own. Because in the midst of a season where I’ve become so focused on the seemingly disasterous circumstances around me, I was reminded that God is Creator. I’ve felt trapped in life with no way out, waiting for God to force a door open so I could escape this prison He has led me into.  But tonight I was reminded that God’s options are not only the escape routes I’ve seen and planned.  God is Creator. And He can create from nothing. I am not bound to looking at the options I can see because I have a Father who can create new options from nothing. What a welcome reminder and relief! So after catching my breath that I must have been half holding for months now, I faced the simple question, what next? How do I move on from here and not go back to where I was?

I’ve noticed that challenges are trendy right now. Have you? I’ve been intrigued by health challenges and even seen some fashion related ones. The whole pedometer obsession in our culture is encouraged by this idea of a challenge.  I think it’s a successful way to build a new habit because it gives you a sense of accomplishments in the little things along the way.  Plus I’m highly competitive so I am naturally drawn to them.  So instead of a health or beauty challenge, I’m going to create my own spiritual challenge. And I’d love for you to join me. 

To answer my question above, I think my biggest misstep has been focusing on what God isn’t doing instead of what He is.  No wonder I get discouraged!  I believe this is part of why the idea of our testimony is so important- it keeps us and others focused on the right things.  So my challenge is this: let’s start with 7 days. For the next 7 days, in some way (on here, Facebook, in conversation, etc), share what God has recently done or is doing.  Let’s intentionally practice thankfulness while training our eyes to stay focused on the right thing.  And hopefully I’ll build a new habit along the way!


2 thoughts on “Join me in a challenge?

  1. I recently felt challenged by a visiting pastor to explore the heart issues behind the actions that I have been trying to control. The problem is no amount of will-power (or won’t power) will create the desired outcome if the heart issue is not addressed. Does this “fit” into this challenge?


    • Sure! I just felt challenged to start looking at what God was doing instead of focusing on what I wanted Him to be doing. I think the biggest way He tends to work is in our hearts and it sometimes is the hardest to notice since it is internal. Thanks for sharing!!


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