Challenge Day 2

It’s funny because it’s only day 2 into this challenge, and nothing has changed in our lives or situation.  But I feel a world of difference in my attitude and outlook today.  Reflecting over today I almost don’t know where to start or what to focus on, but I can say that the main theme of how God worked in my life today was life.  With every story and example I think about sharing, it all comes down to that.  The Lord encouraged and reminded me today He has, and wants, abundant life for me.  And even on my best days, or during my best years, there is more life to be had.  Isn’t that an amazing thing about Him? We can’t max out the abundant life that He has the power to give us.  With Him, there is no ceiling or limit.  There is more than this.  There is always more than this because He is infinite.  Life in relationship with the living Creator is much different than being a part of a world religion.  It is more than a set of moral guidelines.  It has to be, or we’ve missed it.  Look at the Bible. God is the same now as He was then. His idea of what being in a relationship with him is like hasn’t changed.  He is the same.  I not only could have abundant spiritual life like those in the Bible, I could have more.  Not because I’m awesome or special but because He is and He has no limit.


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