New Year, New Habits

Now, I know that it’s not even close to January 1st, but tonight I sat down with some Sharpies and a oversized dry erase board to begin keeping an account of 2017.  Not long before this year began, I went to Andy feeling challenged by the Lord.  I started my new job in August, the same time Andy started classes at UCCS, and we moved down to Colorado Springs in September.  I knew that the fall would not be jumping right into beginning the ministry, but would be a season of preparing and laying the foundation for the work to begin.  And so over Christmas break, I began feeling the Lord challenging me.

We had a lot we were praying for.  We needed God to intervene in a lot of things.  And we were praying like we normally would.  But there was a challenge for more.  More specifics, more intention, and more fun.  Anyone that knows me well knows that I’m a very practical person.  So this challenge was not just to pray more specifically, but also to pray for things personally that weren’t just for the ministry and weren’t a need but would just be nice.  Something extra.  And so was the beginning of our chalkboard prayer list hidden in our bedroom closet.

We split the board into three areas, the ministry, Andy and myself.  And we picked three prayer for each that we were going to focus on, with the idea that once one was answered, we would just replace it with another.  A few of our first prayer requests were $1,000 for the ministry, a date night, a night away (Andy thought bigger than me!), a worship leader for the Bible study we wanted to start, some new work clothes (okay… blurs the line with practical since I have VERY few professional looking clothes that fit post-children), and our friend to answer yes to being on our board (which was a stretch- we were pretty sure the answer was already ‘no’).  It was a good list.  And I felt good that I had obeyed the challenge, plus the list would buy me some time before I had to think of more things.  We hadn’t had a date night since before we moved, had a night away alone in well over a year, let alone a good amount of money and at least two requests needed people, other than the two of us, to be excited about this ministry enough to help out in some tangible ways.  It’s one thing to be excited yourself about this big dream that hasn’t really even taken roots yet, but a totally different thing for other people to want to join in the crazy.

The craziest things started happening.  Literally within the next couple of days, we had extra money, a free babysitter and a date night.  A couple days after that, our friend called and was excited to join our board!  A few days after that, we got a check in the mail for the ministry for $1,000.  Exactly.  We ended up with some extra money and went away for a night (and I got some new clothes for work).  Literally within 2 weeks every single thing had been checked off and we were on to our next set of prayers.  We were preparing for our to launch our first Bible study and so we added growing our study to 8 people.  How amazing would that be?!  So a little less than a week ago, we hosted our first event as Undone Ministries and invited people to our house for a Bible study.  Our first one.  Do you know how many of us there were? 8!

It’s been a really fun few weeks as we’ve been checking off, erasing, and making space for our new lists.  But we hated erasing the boxes we’d checked off.  So tonight, with a handful of Sharpies and an oversized dry erase board, I listed off the 8 answered prayers that we could remember.  We know we’ve even missed several!  But I am so encouraged and amazed at the faithfulness of God after just a few weeks of this challenge.  The check for $1,000 for our new ministry would have been amazing by itself.  But knowing that we had put that on our prayer board less than a week before (despite feeling like it was too big of a request), added a whole different level of awareness that every good and perfect gift is from God.  It’s not just chance or coincidence.

I know I’ve been gone from blogging for awhile.  I’ve gotten busy and frankly haven’t felt like I’ve had anything worth sharing.  But tonight I just couldn’t resist sharing the creation of our Answered Prayers board.  It was just too good to keep to myself 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Year, New Habits

  1. Lauren my heart is full as I read your post. God is so good . I am grateful for the gift of you in my life. You are one very special woman.


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